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About DNS

We serve unlimited subdomains in partnership with Afraid.org FreeDNS.


Free Subdomain Registration by Afraid.ORG

About IPFS

About CDN

We've partnered with Arc.io to make a faster internet for everyone.

To take advantage of our global Content Delivery Network, add <script async src="https://arc.io/widget.min.js#77r2Gfvq"></script> just above your closing head tag on any HTML pages.

What makes us special?

ns1.afraid.orgAfraid DNS
ns2.afraid.orgAfraid DNS
ns3.afraid.orgAfraid DNS (Primary)
ns4.afraid.orgAfraid DNS (Primary)
lucy.ns.cloudflare.comCloudflare DNS
terry.ns.cloudflare.comCloudflare DNS
ns5.he.netHurricane Electric DNS
ns4.he.netHurricane Electric DNS
ns3.he.netHurricane Electric DNS
ns2.he.netHurricane Electric DNS
ns1.he.netHurricane Electric DNS